I got my enlightenment at 1:00am?

Sometimes, you get enlightened.

When you are crying,





They too show something about you. Life is not always about happiness. You have to have sorrow to appreciate it when life comes back at you with a huge smile.


What is it called?

That feeling when I first laid eyes on you

That fleeting moment when your heartbeat raced a little

Eyes lowered, hands sweaty

What is it called?


When conversations go deep till dawn

and silence dint matter

and your heart was all that did

What is it called?


The first time I really saw you

The true you

The one who disappeared a while ago

Now who are you?


What is it called

When we are both tired

Done and through

Holding on to you

Is it still called love?

When I am holding on to you

When all I want to do

Is to let you go


What is it called  again?


We all want to feel recognized, appreciated for things we do, no matter how small it may be. 

So what happens when nobody appreciates your effort? 

You stop doing it. You feel down. You feel useless. 

That’s where we are wrong. We do not need recognition and appreciation for everything that we do in life.  

No matter what you do, people will always have a judgement about it.

So do what you wanted to do anyway and someone, even if one person appreciated it, you’ll feel more than happy. 

But above all, be both a critic and an appreciative person to yourself and others around you. 

Who are you when nobody’s looking? 

We all hide overselves in this world. 

People whom I taught were true have taught me otherwise. I have seen loved ones change so fast I don’t know who they are anymore. 

Whenever you feel hurt by others around you, especially by those whom you love with all of your heart, 

Just know that this is their reaction and they are supposed to feel for it. 

Not you. You don’t have to be hurt or feel guilty or whatever negative emotions that you feel. 

You are you and they are themselves. They are responsible for their own actions and reactions. 

You have enough on your plate. Don’t let the weight of others drag you down. 

Be happy. Do things that make you happy and remember you are your own soul which is free. 

Don’t let them tie you down. 

Let it all go away.

I love fireworks because everytime I see one that lights up and bursts, I imagine my sorrows, my fears, my hurt, my betrayal, everything that’s been hurting me explode in the air and fly a million pieces away. 

It’s like a million pieces of me flying away, never to be found again. 

Just like my sorrows which fly away and just like the colours which come after.

And now I’ll do what’s best for me.

There comes a point of time in our lives when we need to stop. 

Stop thinking about him. 

Stop thinking about the job.

Stop thinking about the deadlines, catching the train, missing your breakfast. 

There comes a time in our lives that we’ll get the answer we are looking for. 

And the answer comes at a time when you are willing to accept it. 

And you’ll finally connect the pieces and figure yourself out. 

So until then, don’t regret anything and start living for yourself.